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Taberneros, Calle de Santiago 9


Since I enjoyed lunch at La Camarilla, it seemed like a good idea to try another restaurant recommendation at lunchtime. this one was more difficult: with no printed menu in sight, I had to ask about the lunch menu, and ended up with the chef coming out of the kitchen to tell me what it was. The starter was an 'Italian salad', I was told, and amusingly, when I asked if it had meat in it he seemed annoyed and explained that I could have meat or fish for the second dish, but I think he saw the funny side once I explained that I was asking because Marion is vegetarian.

The pasta salad was excellent, and thankfully tomato-free. I would not normally have risked a salad, not liking tomatoes or most dressings, but the fixed-price menu was also fixed-choice. The second dish was a fish stew that was even better than most lunch dishes I have had around here because it vegetables in it - I had almost forgotten what they are. Like La Camarilla, this place also has decent bread rolls, which makes all the difference when you are eating a main course with no potatoes, rice or pasta.

Also like La Camarilla, this place's style is a modern minimalist take on a traditional look, which is pleasantly clean and has a warm feel, without being some tacky collection of fake objets. This place is good, and worth a visit.

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