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Introduction to Madrid

Sol and Opera

La Latina

around Plaza de Santa Ana





Corto Maltes, Plaza del 2 Mayo

Corto Maltes

After having spent enough time hanging around near Opera and Sol, we set off to Calle de San Vincente Ferrer, Calle de Palma and Plaza del 2 Mayo: bars line the narrow streets and attract many flavours of party-goers. Goth, for example, lives on! Despite the horde, which seemingly cannot fit inside the bars, as if there were not enough, we were lucky enough to grab a table in the middle of the square.

This is the best of Madrid's evening terraces: a cool evening with a lively but friendly atmosphere and enough traffic-free space to be able to hear yourselves talk. And few tourists, so I can relax.

Later on, I looked inside this bar, on the corner of the square, to get a card. Inside is cool too.

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