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(no name), Calle de Milaneses 6

(no name)

This small cafe is unusual for this part of town. There is just the bar and high tables along the counter by the windows opposite. The menu has middle-Eastern influences and shockingly includes vegetarian food, billed as 'international vegetarian cuisine'. Notably, coffee is cheap at €1. The only impediment to my afternoon visit was that it closes between 1600 and 2000, although I was not kicked out until 1630.

I went back to this small cafe earlier on on another afternoon, for a coffee and to find out its name. Unfortuntely, it just does not have one, which is cool as far as the cafe goes but it makes it tricky to recommend the place, which I do. At this time of day (3 p.m.) it is still busy with the lunchtime crowd: a strange mix of young and old, local and not. Perhaps these are the ten vegetarians in Madrid.

On the next visit, I decided that this nameless cafe is a good place to pop in for a quick post-lunch coffee. It is not just the location that is handy; something about how tiny this place is makes it feel as though it is less hassle to come in for a coffee than it does at other places. It is probably just that even if you are sitting at the window, you do not have to raise your voice to order from the guy behind the bar, and he only needs to put the coffee on the bar next to you rather than walking around the place.

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