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El Rincón de Pelayo, Calle de Pelayo 19

El Rincón de Pelayo

Not wanting to spend lots on dinner, we were surprised to find a €12 menu del noche at a respectable-looking restaurant. The food turned out to be reasonable for the money, but not great. The rice dish was a fairly good simplified paella, but the roast ham and fried potatoes was less interesting, and both were rather bland. The wine was okay though.

This is the place that most tested how happy I am in an obviously gay restaurant. I am fine with the colour scheme and I can cope with the cliché of the six guys at the next table being much better dressed than me, but I do not really want to think too much about there only being one toilet, nominally unisex, with the locks removed from both cubicle doors. Still, the semi-pornographic flyer for El Show that came with the bill was merely funny.

On balance, this is a popular place that I enjoyed, and it is probably worth going for the a la carte menu, which is probably better than the cheap menu. However, I would look for somewhere more rustic for decent cheap traditional food.

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