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Almendro 13, Calle de Almendro 13

Almendro 13

Good rustic bar that serves hearty Spanish food from a counter that is hard to reach when the place is busy. Most of the dishes are simple fare that is probably better combined with drinks and a few friends than eaten for lunch. The house speciality seems to be a rosca with is a giant bagel-shaped toasted bread roll with meat or cheese.

We found some substantial food down Calle Almendro at number 13, and with four of us were able to get more stuck into the menu than I could before. A cheese rosca satisfied Marion's veggie needs, and only the huevos rotos that María recommended were less healthy - lumps of ham and fried eggs on a pile of large thin oval slices of fried potato. Gorgeous stuff, and a pleasant place to eat once we were lucky enough to get a table and seats. However, the absence of red wine was bizarre and annoying, and the food is not particularly cheap, although it certainly fills you up. Good, and well worth a visit, but not quite a favourite.

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