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Café Acuarela, Calle de Gravina

Café Acuarela

For a change, and in the interests of broadening our horizons, we wandered into Chueca looking for somewhere cool to have a drink. After having walked past the heaving Plaza de Chueca, and wandering though a maze of little streets, we found that plan A (a Lonely Planet recommendation) was closed. Plan B was to find Plaza de Chueca again, and go to a bar there, which we did.

We went into Café la Acuarela because it looked cool from the outside, and it lived up to its promise by being very dark, stylish and weird. There was a definite air of alternative sexuality, as I have been lead to expect in this part of town, but the customers were far too mixed for that to be exclusive. The decor is fairly camp, though, especially the statue of a very male angel next to our table.

Most importantly, our cocktails were top notch, which is good because I needed a decent caipirinha (for medical purposes) too help with my cold and soothe my throat. Franco's piña colada was good too.

The next time we were back in Chueca we gravitated to this bar again because it looks so much more appealing than the places actually on Plaza de Chueca. Christina and Elena liked the decor and atmosphere, and Franco was joking that the waiter likes me. Fortunately, the waiter was only joking too. In a seedier place that might not be fun, but this place is so over the top that you have to laugh. You have to drink the cocktails too.

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