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Sol and Opera

La Latina

around Plaza de Santa Ana





La Camarilla, Calle de la Cava Baja 21

La Camarilla

Having tried several of cheaper lunch menus, this La Latina restaurant looked like a good choice for a more upmarket meal. It is not actually much more expensive: we paid €10.90 plus extra for the additional glasses of wine - well worth it and much cheaper than the evening menu.

The food was simple but excellent: the scrambled eggs with prawns was very tasty and the beef that followed had a delicious sauce. This was all very rich, so it was just as well that the accompanying red wine was good because we needed plenty to wash down the food. Another plus were the crusty rolls; a pleasant change from the usual cheap slices of baguette.

The restaurant itself is attractive, with lots of dark wood and bare brick - an agreeable place to sit around for an hour or two.

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