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El Botero, Calle de Trujillos

El Botero

Today, a group of us decided to try the terrace outside the place next to our early favourite, Casa Parrondo. Lunch is a big filling fixed-price menu for €9, but somehow the food and wine is not quite as good as next door's. Still, my chorizo macaroni and hake were both freshly cooked and tasty, and the huge lump of melon for desert was lovely, so it is a close thing.

Personally, I prefer to sit inside anyway, because even though this is a tiny side street, there is still a fair amount of traffic noise. Still, my French classmates smoke like firemen, so being outside was not all bad. I might end up going back here, but there is another terrace nearby on Calle del Postigo de San Martín that I shall probably try first.

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