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Palacio del Jamón, Calle Arenal/Calle Tetuan

Palacio del Jamón

When we popped into what I thought was a small place on Calle Tetuan for a quick beer and sandwich, I had no idea that it was just the back entrance to a big deli on Calle del Arenal on the other side. I enjoyed the beer, and the basic but tasty meat tapas, and did not mind at all that this place has about as much atmosphere as a butchers. Which it is, more or less.

These places are something of a discovery, given that there is no real parallel in other countries I have lived in. I cannot seem to think of any Dutch delicatessens back home, perhaps because business models that involve higher prices tend to fare badly in Holland for some reason, and a deli in the UK is never going to have a bar that serves draft beer. Here, on the other hand, is a category of bar that is mostly about ham. A 'sandwich bar', but only in a different literal sense.

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