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Why developers write bad API documentation

Coding habits that hinder technical writing - 24 November 2020

The API documentation usability problem

Why API documentation tends towards a poor developer experience - 10 November 2020

Book review: Epic Alignment

How to write structured feature documents - 13 October 2020

Software’s process value

Why special-purpose software offers more than its functionality - 25 August 2020

Software review: Shipright

A single source of truth for your customers’ product feedback - 01 July 2020

Time zone compromises

Winning against time zones in software by not actually fighting - 03 June 2020

Software review: Delibr

Structured writing for feature documents - 19 May 2020

Product backlog naming tips

How to name things, for product people - 12 May 2020

Naming products isn’t the problem

Why product backlog item naming matters - 05 May 2020

The product roadmap triangle

How to make trade-offs between roadmap qualities - 28 April 2020

Roadmaps in two dimensions and three levels

How to relate your roadmap to what matters - 21 April 2020

Your product roadmap is a compromise

Finding a balance between flexibility and transparency - 14 April 2020

Software review: productboard (roadmaps)

Sharing product roadmaps in @productboard - 07 April 2020

Software review: productboard (insights board)

Capturing customer feedback in @productboard - 31 March 2020

Software review: productboard (features board)

Managing a product backlog in @productboard - 25 March 2020

Book review: Choose Your First Product

How to find and validate a product idea, by Leon Bambrick (@secretGeek) - 18 March 2020

Book review: The Art of Agile Product Ownership

How to understand the best way to fulfil the PO role, by @allankellynet - 12 March 2020

Visit your customers and ask them questions

How to get them talking about your product’s value proposition - 11 February 2020

Identify your product value proposition

Why people will buy your product - 29 January 2020

Deliver a 3-5 point product-pitch

How to build initial product marketing from a product definition - 21 January 2020

Define your product using existing product categories

How categories clarify your product definition - 15 January 2020

Write a three-part product definition

How to set the context for your product story - 08 January 2020

Articulate the minimal product definition

How to set the context for your product in one sentence - 02 January 2020