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Single-letter names - a cautionary tale

Phillip Relf’s story of two lazy array index names - 10 January 2017

What science says about naming

Computer science papers about naming (co-written with Felienne Hermans) - 26 December 2016

How to get better at naming things

10 steps to mastering names in code - 20 November 2016

Naming smells

Code smells that indicate bad names so you can avoid using them - 31 October 2016

Why naming things is hard

The hardest thing in programming and the great naming myth - 22 October 2016

Constructive laziness

Creative productivity for programmers - 28 March 2016

Book review: Functional Programming in Java

by Pierre-Yves Saumont - FP unencumbered by libraries, standard or otherwise - 29 January 2016

Legacy code

One programmer’s meat is another programmer’s poison - 28 November 2015

Not talking to programmers

Why face-to-face communication isn’t as good as they say - 20 November 2015

Book review: Functional Reactive Programming

by Stephen Blackheath and Anthony Jones - Intelligent, clear and witty - 26 October 2015

Comments are the introduction

three ways to introduce code - 03 November 2014

How to comment code

What you have to actually do to get good comments - 09 October 2014

3 kinds of good comments

Code tells you what and how - you need comments to say why - 08 October 2014

7 ways to write bad comments

Things you don’t want to do to your code - 07 October 2014

Fear of renaming

Why renaming is harder than naming - 17 September 2014

Meaningless variable names

Naming things without actually choosing a name - 04 September 2014

Software development quotations

My favourite insights from articulate programmers; send me yours! - 03 September 2014

Inspecting HTTP client requests

Four easy tools for debugging web services - 28 August 2014

Neil Gaiman’s rules for coding

@neilhimself writes about programming - 20 August 2014

Code comments and metaphysical subjectivism

The philosophy of software maintenance and the objective meaning of legacy code - 29 July 2014

Learning another programming language

The second language is hardest - 28 July 2014

Arithmetic symbols in source code

Why ASCII’s fifty year-old legacy is still with us - 25 July 2014

Using only English words in code

What if you could tell the compiler to require correct spelling? - 21 July 2014

Object-oriented programming with constrained types

What if you had to define types for all values? - 17 July 2014

Enforcing coding style as part of the language

What if the compiler only accepted one coding style? - 16 July 2014