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Integrated Q&A in product documentation

Docs, questions and answers in Delibr and Slite • 2024-02-06

Product documentation-capability alignment

Fun with product capabilities and Venn diagrams • 2024-01-30

Intranet ten word wiki

Using Notion to maintain a glossary with correct entry length • 2023-05-23

Literate workflow programming

How n8n fills a gap in graphical workflow model notations • 2023-05-02

Generating API documentation examples

Implementing docs-as-code for an HTTP API • 2023-01-24

Browsing a JSON API in HTML

Rendering JSON responses as HTML with links and annotations • 2023-01-17

API documentation annotations in HTML

Rendering annotations in HTML, CSS and canvas • 2023-01-10

API documentation annotations

Applying annotation style to HTTP API docs • 2023-01-03

Documentation annotation styles

How to annotate technical writing examples for readability • 2022-12-27

Backwards API docs

Why API docs resist good explanations • 2022-12-20

The death of the living document

Relics of the typewriter age • 2021-11-23

Documentation planning

A checklist of questions to de-risk software documentation efforts • 2021-07-16

Living glossaries and data dictionaries

Reflections on ‘Living Documentation’, by @cyriux • 2021-07-06

Curation and storytelling for software documentation

Reflections on ‘Living Documentation’, by @cyriux • 2021-06-22

Knowledge augmentation and technical writing

Reflections on ‘Living Documentation’, by @cyriux • 2021-06-09

Knowledge exploration and exploitation

Reflections on ‘Living Documentation’, by @cyriux • 2021-06-01

Principles of living documentation

Reflections on ‘Living Documentation’, by @cyriux • 2021-05-25

Martraire’s principles of documentation

Reflections on ‘Living Documentation’, by @cyriux • 2021-05-18

What to put in a README

How to minimally document software • 2021-03-23

HTTP API documentation mistakes

Five common ways to get stuck writing the docs • 2021-01-19

Deconstructed HTTP API documentation

The conventional way to write hard-to-use API documentation • 2021-01-07

Development environment documentation

Essential software product documentation for the development team • 2020-12-08

Why developers write bad API documentation

Coding habits that hinder technical writing • 2020-11-24

The API documentation usability problem

Why API documentation tends towards a poor developer experience • 2020-11-10

Extensive technical documentation

An asset management software maintenance project story from 1997 • 2020-02-19

Where to start documenting a legacy system

What new team members need, to understand a system • 2016-09-30

Constructive laziness

Creative productivity for programmers • 2016-03-28

Questions about documentation and avoiding writing it

Q&A for my forthcoming keynote at ProgSCon London 2016 • 2016-02-08

Not talking to programmers

Why face-to-face communication isn’t as good as they say • 2015-11-20

My documentation problem

ACCU 2015 lightning talk script • 2015-04-24