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Peter Hilton has presented at conferences, user groups and companies in several countries on a variety of software development topics. See also: Peter Hilton on Lanyrd.

Please contact Peter if you would like him to speak at your event or company.

Upcoming & recent

Date Title Venue Location Media
2017-02-10 How to write maintainable code Codemotion Amsterdam 2017 Amsterdam
2017-05-12 Documentation for software developers (workshop) I T.A.K.E. (Un) conference 2017 Bucharest
2017-04-27 Documentation for software developers (workshop) ACCU 2017 Bristol
2017-04-26 Code with better type (lightning talk) ACCU 2017 Bristol
2017-03-16 README Driven Development (mini-workshop) 010DEV Rotterdam
2017-03-16 E-Prime for scientific writing Erasmus MC Rotterdam
2017-03-01 Code style, Code review & pair programming, Learning to be a better coder Signavio GmbH Berlin
2017-02-10 How to write maintainable Scala code Data Driven Rijnmond Capelle aan den IJssel
2016-12-15 How to write maintainable Scala code Amsterdam.scala Amsterdam
2016-12-09 How to write maintainable Scala code Scala eXchange London slides video
2016-12-07 How to write maintainable Scala code Brabant.scala Eindhoven
2016-11-17 Process-oriented reactive service architecture Topconf Tallinn slides
2016-11-16 Documentation avoidance for developers Topconf Tallinn slides
2016-11-03 Documentation avoidance for developers J-Fall Ede
2016-10-21 Documentation avoidance for developers Voxxed Days Thessaloniki Thessaloniki
2016-10-12 Code Smells Signavio GmbH Berlin
2016-09-21 Putting the ‘shared’ into finance shared services with collaborative models Finance Shared Services & GBS Exchange Hoofddorp
2016-07-19 How to write good comments Days of Code Rotterdam slides
2016-07-18 HTTP demystified for web developers Days of Code Rotterdam slides
2016-06-17 Documentation avoidance for developers Joy of Coding Rotterdam
2016-06-13 Modelling with Business Process Patterns IRM UK London
2016-05-27 Modelling with Business Process Patterns banking industry London

Selected previous presentations

Date Title Venue Event Location Media
2016-04-25 Leveraging process maps & models for continuous improvement (workshop) OPEX & Process Transformation Week conference London
2016-04-22 Documentation avoidance for developers ProgSCon London (keynote) conference London video
2016-03-03 Achieving process excellence through organisation-wide collaborative BPM Process Improvement & OPEX Summit conference London
2015-06-06 Fast Track To Play With Scala (training course) Scala Days 2015 training Amsterdam
2015-04-24 My documentation problem (lightning talk) ACCU 2015 conference Bristol script
2015-04-24 How to name things ACCU 2015 conference Bristol slides
2015-04-10 Modern IT nomad Nerd Night meetup Rotterdam
2015-04-02 Meeting-avoidance for self-managing developers Sytac IT Consulting company Haarlem slides
2014-12-08 Scaling business application development with Play and Scala Scala eXchange conference London slides video
2014-11-24 How to write good comments Softwire company London slides
2014-10-07 Play Framework lessons learned VMware company London slides
2014-10-01 How to name things British Computer Society SPA London user group London
2014-09-18 How to name things LSSC Talks meetup London video
2013-10-18 Software project estimation Hoppinger company Rotterdam
2013-06-27 What we can learn from the Play Framework Play Framework Meetup user group Amsterdam
2012-11-07 Play Framework 2 Øredev conference Malmö video
2012-11-02 Transparent development and the project management renaissance Topconf conference Tallinn
2012-10-17 Play Framework 2 JAX London conference London slides
2012-05-28 In search of the perfect programmer 010DEV user group Rotterdam
2012-05-24 Play Framework 2.0 GOTO Amsterdam conference Amsterdam slides
2012-05-18 Play Framework 2.0 GeeCON conference Poznań video
2012-02-14 Play Framework 2.0 JFokus conference Stockholm video
2012-02-08 Why Play needs Scala and why Scala needs Play Scala-Stockholm user group Stockholm
2011-11-10 Commercial software development survival tips Hogeschool Rotterdam university Rotterdam
2011-09-08 Play! Framework: to infinity and beyond Javazone conference Oslo video
2011-04-24 The myth of the on-site customer Talk About IT user group Amsterdam slides
2011-03-30 Play framework: risks and rewards Connexys company Rotterdam
2010-03-16 How to build a decision service using JBoss Rules (a.k.a. Drools) company Rotterdam slides
2009-06-11 The dirty secrets of Agile Software Development Bootstrapping & Agility meetup Rotterdam
2009-05-22 Language localisation in Java, JSF and Seam JBoss User Group user group Rotterdam slides
2008-12-10 Meeting-avoidance for self-managing developers Devoxx conference Antwerp slides
2007-12-10 JBoss Seam in Action JavaPolis conference Antwerp slides

Work in progress and other unfinished ideas

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