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Process-oriented reactive service architecture

Using workflow tools to orchestrate microservices

Reactive application development gives us better ways to build scalable applications, but often together with a micro-services jigsaw puzzle. Decoupled teams can rapidly deliver decoupled services, but you still need to piece together an end-to-end system. This presentation introduces an alternative way to think about and architect reactive applications using workflow tools.

Modern workflow management tools enable a convenient process-oriented approach to service orchestration that is itself reactive. More importantly, process management technology provides two key features that hand-coded applications typically lack: persistent execution state and an editable graphical process representation that you can use to define and adjust service orchestration. After learning how to coordinate micro-services, you will also and how to use the same system to orchestrate micro-service-like human workers. It turns out that with the right platform, human actors can also be reactive services, and participate in the same architecture.



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