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Identify workarounds in bug reports

Bug reports for knowledge-centred over achievers • 2022-11-15

Identify context and environment in bug reports

Why bug reports get rejected because ‘it works on my machine’ • 2022-11-08

List reproduction steps in bug reports

How to make bugs reproducible so they get fixed • 2022-11-01

Describe expected behaviour in bug reports

Comparing notes on software behaviour expectations • 2022-10-25

Minimum viable bug report

The most important bug report information… to start with • 2022-10-18

Implement a zero-bug policy

How to manage bugs during software product development • 2021-01-05

The good kind of legacy code

A supply chain software maintenance project story from 2012 • 2020-03-04

The worst kind of legacy code

A supply chain software maintenance project story from 2006 • 2020-02-25

Extensive technical documentation

An asset management software maintenance project story from 1997 • 2020-02-19

How to write unmaintainable code

Tribute to the classic thesis by Roedy Green • 2018-09-04

Three causes of unmaintainable code

Why programmers are lazy and too clever for their own good • 2018-08-20

Language expressiveness versus code maintainability

How different programming languages lead to different software maintenance challenges • 2018-08-13

Software maintenance’s terrible question

The big question that teams don’t ask about software products • 2018-07-09

The code maintenance problem

Why software maintenance is worth talking about • 2018-06-26

Comments are the introduction

three ways to introduce code • 2014-11-03

How to comment code

What you have to actually do to get good comments • 2014-10-09

3 kinds of good comments

Code tells you what and how - you need comments to say why • 2014-10-08

7 ways to write bad comments

Things you don’t want to do to your code • 2014-10-07

Code comments and metaphysical subjectivism

The philosophy of software maintenance and the objective meaning of legacy code • 2014-07-29