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Mac OS System 7 inputs vs HTML

Browser-native user-interface controls compared to Mac OS 31 years ago • 2022-05-17

Mac OS System 7 menus vs HTML

Browser-native user-interface controls compared to Mac OS 31 years ago • 2022-05-10

Mac OS System 7 buttons vs HTML

Browser-native user-interface controls compared to Mac OS 31 years ago • 2022-05-03

Use high-contrast text

The dark side of grey text • 2022-04-26

Guide user input

How to fix, hint, and validate before complaining • 2022-04-19

Use a money data type

Why your software should handle money amounts separately from other numbers • 2022-04-12

Modelling numeric values

More than just size and precision • 2022-03-29

Show content without elision

When perceived cleanliness trumps user experience • 2022-03-22

Use a currency-specific number of decimals

Why a money amount isn’t just a number • 2022-03-08

Build a separate API for public consumption

Because APIs have user personas too • 2022-02-15

The cost of a free API

How you pay for publishing your back-end’s API • 2022-02-08

Populate country lists carefully

How to source a list of countries to use in software • 2022-02-01

Localise names with the CLDR

Using the Unicode Common Locale Data Repository’s standard translations • 2022-01-25

Internationalise data

Better software through commoditised domain modelling • 2022-01-18

Default to the browser’s preferred language

Don’t set the web page language based on location • 2022-01-11

Publish data using the CSVW standard

Use W3C’s ‘CSV on the Web’ (CSVW) standard to make data accessible • 2021-12-28

Create RFC 4180-compliant CSV files

How to solve the worst comma-separated values (CSV) problems • 2021-12-23

Pluralise text correctly

User-interface content design details matter too • 2021-10-12

HTTP API versioning approaches

Why the experts say you shouldn’t • 2021-08-04

HTTP client error status code checklist

Because HTTP API clients don’t just send bad requests • 2021-03-09

Allow varied national telephone number formats

Why telephone numbers don’t add up • 2021-02-23

Respect people’s full names

Don’t call someone’s name ‘invalid’ • 2021-02-16

Use HTTP error handling in APIs

Improving developer experience with a richer HTTP vocabulary • 2021-02-12

Forgive user input in the wrong format

Don’t make people normalise data manually • 2021-02-02

Omit salutations in automated notifications

Don’t waste time on fake greetings • 2021-01-26

Build unisex software

Don’t ask people to tell you their gender • 2021-01-13

Validate email addresses to level 4

First person to say ‘regex’ loses • 2020-12-01

Allow all printable characters

First person to say ‘special characters’ loses • 2020-11-17

Use localised language names for language selection

Don’t use flags for languages • 2020-11-03

Sort every collection you display

Unsorted is never the right order • 2020-10-20

Numbers that aren’t numbers

‘Numbers’ that you can’t represent numerically • 2020-09-29