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Book review: Radical Focus

Objectives and key results as both fiction and framework, by Christina Wodtke • 2024-04-09

Books that introduce product management

What to read if you only read one book (first) • 2023-09-12

Book review: The Art of Logic

A case study in the importance of good examples, by @DrEugeniaCheng • 2021-07-20

Living glossaries and data dictionaries

Reflections on ‘Living Documentation’, by @cyriux • 2021-07-06

Curation and storytelling for software documentation

Reflections on ‘Living Documentation’, by @cyriux • 2021-06-22

Knowledge augmentation and technical writing

Reflections on ‘Living Documentation’, by @cyriux • 2021-06-09

Knowledge exploration and exploitation

Reflections on ‘Living Documentation’, by @cyriux • 2021-06-01

Principles of living documentation

Reflections on ‘Living Documentation’, by @cyriux • 2021-05-25

Martraire’s principles of documentation

Reflections on ‘Living Documentation’, by @cyriux • 2021-05-18

Book review: Succeeding with OKRs in Agile

A practical guide for agile software development practitioners, by @allankellynet • 2021-02-09

Book review: Epic Alignment

How to write structured feature documents • 2020-10-13

Book review: Choose Your First Product

How to find and validate a product idea, by Leon Bambrick (@secretGeek) • 2020-03-18

Book review: The Art of Agile Product Ownership

How to understand the best way to fulfil the PO role, by @allankellynet • 2020-03-12

Book review: Continuous Digital

How to merge software business with software development, by @allankellynet • 2020-02-04

Book review: Project Myopia

What’s wrong with software development projects, by @allankellynet • 2018-09-17

Book review: Functional Programming in Java

by Pierre-Yves Saumont - FP unencumbered by libraries, standard or otherwise • 2016-01-29

Book review: Functional Reactive Programming

by Stephen Blackheath and Anthony Jones - Intelligent, clear and witty • 2015-10-26