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Book review: Project Myopia

What’s wrong with software development projects, by @allankellynet 2018-09-17 #management #book #review

Project Myopia

Project Myopia is Allan Kelly’s new book on the case against projects, as a way to build software.

I spent years working in a project-based software development organisation, where it wasn’t possible to see further than the assumption of project managers, project plans and managing by project dates. Project Myopia is the book I wish I’d had years ago, because it clearly explains why projects are the wrong way to manage software development, from several perspectives.

In particular, this book helped me understand how project-thinking hinders the use of agile software development methods. I liked its well-defined topics, the clarity of the writing, and its careful responses to common criticisms of the #NoProjects ideas that takes the explanation further than the initial idea.

Most of the failed software projects I’ve worked on over the years would have turned out better if the managers involved had read this.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Recommended.

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