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Generating API documentation examples

Implementing docs-as-code for an HTTP API • 2023-01-24

Browsing a JSON API in HTML

Rendering JSON responses as HTML with links and annotations • 2023-01-17

API documentation annotations in HTML

Rendering annotations in HTML, CSS and canvas • 2023-01-10

API documentation annotations

Applying annotation style to HTTP API docs • 2023-01-03

Documentation annotation styles

How to annotate technical writing examples for readability • 2022-12-27

Backwards API docs

Why API docs resist good explanations • 2022-12-20

Build a separate API for public consumption

Because APIs have user personas too • 2022-02-15

The cost of a free API

How you pay for publishing your back-end’s API • 2022-02-08

HTTP API versioning approaches

Why the experts say you shouldn’t • 2021-08-04

HTTP client error status code checklist

Because HTTP API clients don’t just send bad requests • 2021-03-09

Use HTTP error handling in APIs

Improving developer experience with a richer HTTP vocabulary • 2021-02-12

HTTP API documentation mistakes

Five common ways to get stuck writing the docs • 2021-01-19

Deconstructed HTTP API documentation

The conventional way to write hard-to-use API documentation • 2021-01-07

Why developers write bad API documentation

Coding habits that hinder technical writing • 2020-11-24

The API documentation usability problem

Why API documentation tends towards a poor developer experience • 2020-11-10