Writing by Peter Hilton


Sail through an eclectic collection of writing by Peter Hilton and others.


Vienna: the main cathedral, with its patterned roof tiles Amsterdam: out to lunch
Cambridge Coffee & Cake Guide
Cambridge Restaurant Reviews
Diary Of An International Assignment (Luxembourg)
European Café Watch
Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Bordeaux
Florence Cafes & Restaurants
Galway Cafes
Hyères Cafes & Restaurants
Leuven Cafes
London Cafes
Luxembourg Cafes
Maastricht Cafes
Madrid Bars & Restaurants
Out In Vienna
Oxford Cafes
Peter's Peachy Paris Page
Rotterdam Cafes & Restaurants
Seven Hours In Budapest


Algonquin Provincial Park, Canada
Cafes On The Inside
Cafes On The Outside
Luxembourg (city)
public transport

Practical stuff

The Ministry Of Health, Luxembourg Cunning Cryptic Crossword Clues
The European phrase book
Handy tips
Luxembourgish verb table
My magnificent midnight munchies
Rough & ready rapid rapid recipes


i Péché Mignon cafe, rue de St Esprit, Luxembourg Book reviews - short reviews of computer books
Car ownership
The Critical Camera
Film reviews - tiny reviews of films I've been watching
H-graph FAQ
Important Questions
Code Complete book review
Spare ideas
Why every cafe needs a sofa
Why obscure languages are more fun to learn


Antwerp: the Antwerp Hilton - no connection to Hilton Harbour whatsoever Computer books - how to choose them
Lime - an editor for online HTML publishing
Machine translation of the World Wide Web
Navigation bar links - how to generate them
Photograph thumbnails - how to make them
Web Page Design Principles
Web site architecture
Why I hate computers

Other people's writing

Theatrical Adventures - Musings and memories of a thespian, by O.B. Clarence
Poetry by C R Hilton
Tristan And Iseult: A Jungian Interpretation
What 'What Numbers Could Not Be', by Paul Benacerraf, Is - actually by myself, but in a previous life as a pure mathematician.

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