Writing by Peter Hilton

Cafes On The Inside

Photographs of the interiors of a few cafes

upstairs, i De Drie Graefjes cafe, Amsterdam, the Netherlands Marion and a sofa in Disco Biscuit, Queens Road, Brighton, England sofas upstairs in Disco Biscuit, Queens Road, Brighton, England The big posh cafe I went to in Budapest has leather sofas i.
the dark, welcoming interior of Cafe Sperl, Vienna Takeshi and Nasera modelling the armchairs upstairs in cafe Sul Palco, Luxembourg
my favourite cafe with books - CB1, Cambridge, England i Péché Mignon cafe, rue de St Esprit, Luxembourg Vienna: inside Cafe Aera, my favourite of the more modern cafes Cambridge: Daniel Sturdy in CB2

What cafes look like on the inside - they're real and they're not on television. If you only ever sit at home and watch television, you won't know about cool places like these - you should get out more. Left-right, top-bottom: De Drie Graefjes, Amsterdam; Disco Biscuit, Brighton (two photos); a big posh place, Budapest; Cafe Sperl, Vienna; Sul Palco, Luxembourg; CB1, Cambridge; Péché Mignon, Luxembourg; Cafe Aera, Vienna; Vienna Globe, Vienna; CB2, Cambridge.

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