Writing by Peter Hilton

Cafes On The Outside

Photographs of the exteriors of a few cafes

Péché Mignon cafe, rue de St Esprit, Luxembourg the front of Cafe Sperl, Vienna Kleines Cafe, an excellent small cafe in Vienna

La Palette, my favourite cafe in France - rue de Seine, 6th arr., Paris, France
Le Loir dans la Théière (has sofas), rue des Rosiers, Paris, France o De Drie Graefjes cafe, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
The first cafe I went to in Budapest is even posher i than it looks from the o Cafe Hoegaarden, Antwerp, Belgium
Cafe MAK, with adjoining museum, Vienna Cafe Central, Echternach, Luxembourg Kaffee Alt Wien, just right for a beer in Vienna

Cafes on the outside: dont' walk past, go in!. Péché Mignon, Luxembourg; Kleines Cafe, Vienna; Cafe Sperl, Vienna; La Palette, Paris VI; De Drie Graefjes, Amsterdam; Cafe 't Smalle, Jordaan, Amsterdam; Le Loir dans la Théière, Paris XI; some big post cafe, Budapest; Cafe Hoegaarden, Antwerp; Cafe Central, Echternach, Luxembourg; Kaffe Alt Wien, Vienna; Cafe Mak, Vienna.

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