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Jargon-centric naming

Restricting names to controlled vocabularies • 2021-11-30

Apologetic error messages

Following through on a naming idea by @huizendveld • 2021-06-15

Single-letter names - a cautionary tale

Phillip Relf’s story of two lazy array index names • 2017-01-10

What science says about naming

Computer science papers about naming (co-written with Felienne Hermans) • 2016-12-26

How to get better at naming things

10 steps to mastering names in code • 2016-11-20

Naming smells

Code smells that indicate bad names so you can avoid using them • 2016-10-31

Why naming things is hard

The hardest thing in programming and the great naming myth • 2016-10-22


why JavaScript frameworks live short but happy lives • 2015-02-12

Fear of renaming

Why renaming is harder than naming • 2014-09-17

Meaningless variable names

Naming things without actually choosing a name • 2014-09-04