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Two kinds of abbreviations

Initialisms and acronyms for jargon and laziness • 2022-11-22

Mixing kinds of text

Where embedding one kind of text in another goes bad • 2022-09-20

Modelling text as data and code

Getting your formats mixed up • 2022-09-13

Modelling text as symbols

Obscure problems when displaying symbols • 2022-09-06

Modelling text as writing

Software design problems with the simplest of four kinds of text • 2022-08-30

Brute-force modelling

When avoiding over-modelling feels like cheating • 2022-06-28

The importance of programming jokes

Domain-specific jokes’ purpose • 2022-06-21

Modelling multitudes

Measuring, counting and naming different kinds of quantities • 2022-06-07

Use a money data type

Why your software should handle money amounts separately from other numbers • 2022-04-12

Modelling numeric values

More than just size and precision • 2022-03-29

Use a currency-specific number of decimals

Why a money amount isn’t just a number • 2022-03-08

Populate country lists carefully

How to source a list of countries to use in software • 2022-02-01

Localise names with the CLDR

Using the Unicode Common Locale Data Repository’s standard translations • 2022-01-25

Internationalise data

Better software through commoditised domain modelling • 2022-01-18

Default to the browser’s preferred language

Don’t set the web page language based on location • 2022-01-11

Jargon-centric naming

Restricting names to controlled vocabularies • 2021-11-30

Domain primers

How software developers and product people can bootstrap subject-matter knowledge • 2021-11-09

Pluralise text correctly

User-interface content design details matter too • 2021-10-12

Domain-driven development

Why no-code tools enable ultimate domain-driven design • 2021-06-29

Allow varied national telephone number formats

Why telephone numbers don’t add up • 2021-02-23

Respect people’s full names

Don’t call someone’s name ‘invalid’ • 2021-02-16

Build unisex software

Don’t ask people to tell you their gender • 2021-01-13

Validate email addresses to level 4

First person to say ‘regex’ loses • 2020-12-01

Allow all printable characters

First person to say ‘special characters’ loses • 2020-11-17

Refactor Boolean values to enumerations

From ‘97 Things Every Java Programmer Should Know’ • 2020-10-07

Numbers that aren’t numbers

‘Numbers’ that you can’t represent numerically • 2020-09-29

Get better at naming things

From ‘97 Things Every Java Programmer Should Know’ • 2020-09-08