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White Elephant, West-Kruiskade 73-B, Rotterdam, tel. 4111884‎

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Recommendation: go and eat somewhere better-organised.

White Elephant has the potential to be a Moroccan version of Nazar, with its lively atmosphere, funky decor and the varied and interesting menu. Unfortunately, when we went to try it out, the staff simply failed to deliver.

The menu looks great, with a wide variety of tapas, starters and main courses that include tagines and cous-cous. There are also lots of vegetarian options.

Unfortunately, the kitchen was not very efficient - the eight of us waited over an hour for our food, even though there was no-one else eating in the restaurant. When it finally came, some of the flavours were great, but not all of the dishes had been 'prepared' properly - some had not been put in the microwave for long enough, and had uneven temperature or went cold. The only things worse than that were the fact that after managing to break a wine glass the waiter left broken glass on the table for the rest of the meal, and that one of the dishes had a long black hair on it.

Needless to say, we were keen to leave as soon as possible after we had eaten. Annoyingly, the bill just featured one entry for all of the food, which is lazy and did not inspire confidence that it was actually correct.

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