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Nazar, Schiedamse Vest 12, Rotterdam, tel. 4046074

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Good for: dinner, open after 9 pm

Nazar serves good Turkish food in what is a very pleasant restaurant; it's actually pretty cool, rather than tacky, and has a better vibe than Bazaar. Nazar works best for two people, because the service really slows when there are more of you. Overall, the service is not good - inaccurate as well as slow, although friendly enough at least.

Nazar is also good for very hungry people who want to fill up on one of the delicious oven dishes - I have had the guveç etli (stew) several times - and who will not spoil their appetites on the tempting bread and dip.

We have been to Nazar for dinner so many times that it has overtaken Opa for our most visited spot. This is largely because not only does it have a wide selection of tasty good-value food that is better than at Opa, but it is a really chilled out place to sit around and eat. Somehow, it is as unimposing as eating at the kitchen table at home, and works well whatever your mood. That makes Nazar a good choice if you cannot decide where you want to eat out.

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