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Cafe Pol, Meent 46-48, Rotterdam, tel. 4112335

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Recommendation: go to De Witte Aap instead.

This cafe for the wannabe-posh thirty-plus crowd mixes smart old-fashioned decor and furniture with modern music and a slight atmosphere of exclusivitiy. This is an unusual mix for this part of town, a sort of town centre version of De Tuin, and just as popular. It is especially packed on weekend evenings that spread well outside in the summer. It is as though this is the place to be seen or something.

Unusually for a Rotterdam cafe, this place seems to have a very consistent public so you might just feel out of place if you forgot to wear a (suit) jacket or at least a polo shirt with the collar sticking up. The skateboarder who just popped in to ask something certainly attracted a lot of attention - friendly though. In any case, it is all good people-watching, even if it does feel like an episode of Ab Fab.

There is a menu, as it happens, but this is really a drinks place so the menu features a wide selection of sandwiches and toasties (€2-6) and bar snacks.

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