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Out in Vienna - Friday, 12 March 1999

Daily research on Viennese nightlife.

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Al Badaui, Habsburgergasse

Since I didn't go out last night I'm glad of the chance to try somewhere completely new. This North African restaurant fits the bill, and is also completely different to what I have tried so far. Despite being quite unobtrusive from the street, it is actually very big with lots of spacious basement rooms.

Our group of a dozen people have a wonderful small room with a low table and floor cushions to sit on. This, the dim lighting, the mellow music and the tent-like fabric suspended from the ceiling make this the mist relaxing, comfortable and interesting place where I have eaten in Vienna.

My food - chicken Tauuk - is very good. The chicken is tender and tasty and the salad has a good spicy dressing. That's all a bit secondary to the beer this evening, though. Even better is the glass of arrak, vaguely similar to ouzo and raki, that I got to wash it all down.

Anyway, several hours have passed now and the waiter is making it very clear that it's past his bed time. In any case, we'd better move on before we all slouch even further into our cushions and fall asleep.

Krugers Bar, Krugerstrasse

I don't make a habit of coming to places like this. Although the music is good, the decor refined and stylish, the furniture comfortable and my margarita excellent, I cannot help thinking that the other customers, in their three-piece suits and smart skirts, are all actors from some bad American television series, such as Dynasty or LA Law.

Krugers Bar is worth a look, but only if you like this kind of thing.

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