Writing by Peter Hilton

Out in Vienna - Wednesday, 10 March 1999

Daily research on Viennese nightlife.

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First I went back to Hawelka.

Bane's Bar, Köllnerhofgasse

I would never have noticed this place from the outside, since the inside is hidden behind the posters stuck to the windows. Bane's Bar is small and intimate in a very 'pubby' way that somehow suggests that 'discretion is assured'. This is the sort of place that you go to when everything else is closed, and where you can order fairly cheap hot food all through the night. Right now it's about midnight and I'm tucking into a portion of goulash that came with its own bread mountain in a basket.

Apparently Bane is fond of theme nights, and the preparations for St Patrick's day next week are clearly in progress. I won't come back then because I'll be back in London, but this is a decent place and I would like to come back here.

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