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Rotterdam recommendations

Where to go when you visit 2023-08-29 #review

Rotterdam Partners

After university, the first two places I lived in for more than a few weeks were Paris and Cambridge. I got used to their tourist hordes. And when I first moved to Rotterdam, in January 2000, the lack of tourists struck me most. There weren’t any in the summer either. We now see more tourists than we used to


The city has plenty of hipster coffee roasters and coffee bars (coffeeshop means something else). You’ll find several in the centre.


Too many to try. A few of my old favourites:


You’ll find several good options all within a couple of hundred metres of each other. And loads more in the same street - so if you only go to one place, go here. Avoid Stadhuisplein.

Five minutes walk from there:

A few hundred metres further:

Around Rotterdam Centraal station:

Boat trips


Rotterdam’s city-centre was demolished in 1940, rebuilt in brutalist 1950-1960, and upgraded with one or two cool new buildings per year since then.

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