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camunda BPM with Play and Scala

integrating Business Process Management with a web application - 27 January 2015

Camel message processing using the Scala DSL

A new Typesafe Activator template - 01 September 2014

Camel HTTP file upload with multipart/form-data

How to integrate with legacy HTTP endpoints - 29 August 2014

George Orwell’s six rules for Scala programmers

A concise style guide - 18 August 2014

Source code maximum line length

GitHub sets the standard for code reviews - 14 August 2014

Play/Slick back-end for jQuery UI Sortable

A new Typesafe Activator template - 12 August 2014

Things the Scala compiler doesn’t do

Impossible functionality that you don’t actually want - 06 August 2014

Scaling down Play and Scala web applications

Cruising with Play, Scala and in style - 05 August 2014

What’s missing from the Scala Style Guide

Input for team-specific code conventions - 01 August 2014