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Product owner unavailable

Making Scrum work despite patchy product owner availability - 27, October, 2020

Learning to ski - starting agility with Scrum

Why basic techniques have their place - 14, July, 2020

Software estimation checklist

Ten ways to avoid bad estimates - 26, August, 2014

Scrum user story chilli ratings

Hotter than t-shirt sizes, looser than dress sizes - 21, August, 2014

Post-it Super Sticky - notes that don’t fall off

Scrum hardware innovation (via @vgrgic) and Correct Post-it Technique - 19, August, 2014

Talking about the cost of delay

Another way to look at business value - 15, August, 2014

Development cost is relative to value

Putting effort estimates in perspective - 13, August, 2014

Architect - the missing Scrum role

Agile architecture for non-functional requirements - 4, August, 2014

Agile user modelling with TV character personas

Better-looking software requirements analysis - 31, July, 2014

Dropping the ‘agile’ from ‘software development’

Why ‘agile’ is still the new name for methodology - 30, July, 2014