Writing by Peter Hilton

Short Ones

A few short poems by C. Robert Hilton.

Connemara, Ireland Explanation

The smile so very well known
On the face of the Mona Lisa
Is there because she was shown
The plans of the Tower of Pisa.


You can't live in very high hopes
If you model your life on the soaps.
In the soaps they have lines.
Real people have minds,
So a real person usually copes.

Paris Is For Lovers

'Paris is for lovers,' so it's said.
Quite right, in Paris better stay in bed.
The prices are all high, the folk are mean,
And hardly any of the streets are clean.
But lovers will not see or hear or know,
They're wrapped up snug in their own rosy glow.

One Night Stand (Historical)

I'm glad that we have met tonight.
I'm happy when I see
That you're prepared to linger with
A stranger such as me.

We've both known troubles of our own
And each would like to see
Some proof that men and women aren't
Designed to disagree.

Personal Ad. (Now obsolete)

Sea captain.
No ties.
Several shirts.
Fifty plus tax.
Free to a good home.
A better listener than your dog.
Less jealous than your cat.
A better cuddle than your teddy bear.
The oldest toyboy in town.

Copyright ©1997 C. R. Hilton

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