Writing by Peter Hilton

To Readers Of Sea Poetry

A poem by C. Robert Hilton.

There are wonderful verses that sing of the sea.
A lot of what's written is true.
But reading it while you sit under a tree
Will give an inaccurate view.

You may read of the glorious tropical moon
Reflected on gunmetal swells,
But your girl isn't there, and you see it alone,
And you're aching, but nobody tells.

Your watches at times are just writing the log,
And looking at sea after sea,
And then in dense traffic you run into fog,
Alert as you ever can be.

The power unharnessed in one living storm
Is a marvel that catches the breath.
It always excites me as long as I'm warm;
In not too much danger of death.

To deny the romance of the sea is unjust,
But what is "Sea Fever's" allure?
"...go down to the seas again," well if you must
You're in need of the money for sure.

Sea life is just life with its doldrums and gales,
Its reefs and hospitable shores.
But it's real, and not a collection of tales,
And it's mine, but the fantasy's yours.

©1997 C. R. Hilton

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