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Tai Wu, Mauritsweg 24-26, Rotterdam, tel. 4330828

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Tai Wu is one of the better Chinese restaurants in the centre of Rotterdam, and is unusual because it is so huge. The size makes it the ideal place to go with a dozen people, all sit around one big round table, and order twice as much food as you can reasonably eat. The food is great, and the novelty of spinning the dishes round on the big turntable that you get on the big round table probably never wears off.

On another visit, we tried a different approach - there were just three of us, we sat on a small table, and managed to individually order a normal amount of food, choosing things we like. This was also a lot of fun, because when you are not with your own big group you have more time to notice the rest of the hectic activity in the restaurant.

I have only been to Tai Wu when it was busy and hectic - it may always be this way, and although the service seems hurried it is actually very good. This good service, the excellent atmosphere and the good food make this place well worth a visit. However, the food is better at Orient, across the road near the corner of West Kruiskade, so go there too if you can get a table.

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