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Popocatepetl, Oude Haven, Rotterdam, tel. 4120364

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Good for: nothing

This Mexican restaurant just isn't good enough - go to Pssst Amigo if you want cheap Mexican food. Popocatepetl probably relies on its good location for popularity in the summer. I actually had to ask my colleagues to teach me a new Dutch phrase so that I could be sufficiently sarcastic to the waiter who made me wait a really long time for my second Margherita. The food was pretty good, but not as good` as Pssst Amigo, which has a much better atmosphere.

Before I became opinionated enough to refuse, I actually went back a second time because I was with a group who didn't know better. The service and food were actually worse that time, so now I wouldn't go near the place unless I'd had far too many beers in Cambrinus to be able to formulate a coherent objection (but that was another story altogether).

Peculiarity: being unusually mundane and having poor food and service.

Last visit: 2002

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