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Pasta di Mamma, Vasteland 42, Rotterdam, tel. 2334999‎

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Pasta di Mamma, formerly known as Terra Ferma, is the Italian cafe-deli that serves the best sandwiches in Rotterdam. There is a choice of about 20 sandwiches on a choice of large freshly-baked rolls, with some delicious ingredients from the Italian deli. Our favourites are the Bari - parma ham, mozzarella and pesto - and the grilled aubergine one.

You order at the counter, which is unconventional, but the staff are friendly and efficient and there is no waiting ten minutes for you coffee. We think this is a good thing, if it means being able to go for lunch without it taking all day.

There is plenty of room to sit down, in a big open space with plenty of tables and daylight from double-height windows at the front. The decor is fairly plain, but stylish with it.

This place never seems to be particularly packed, perhaps because most people get take-away, and because there are few shops nearby. Or perhaps everyone just faxes in their orders for delivery (minimum order €20), which went down very well at the office when we did it. Too bad you cannot order by e-mail.

Last visit: 2010

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