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Papaya, Groenendaal 37f, Rotterdam, tel. 2330063

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Good for: Indonesian food, take-away

Papaya recently renovated its interior and reinvented itself as the best Indonesian restaurant in Rotterdam, with excellent food and service so good it's almost embarrassing, in somewhere with such low prices.

The new interior design has done just enough with lighting and decoration to make a pleasant atmosphere, thankfully avoiding the tempation to simply fill the place with junk. Until the end of 2002 we used to go to Papaya just for the food, not minding the bare take-away-style atmosphere; now we go once a week because it's our favourite place near Oostplein.

Peculiarity: if you don't want to use the menu you can point at dishes behind the deli-counter in the take-away section, and pay by weight.

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