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Open, Jacobusstraat 215, Rotterdam, tel. 2136257

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Good for: coffee, lunch

Open is a chilled-out cafe with decent sandwiches, salads and toasted sandwiches. It is also the girliest cafe in town, with lots of pink and flowers. And girls.

There are quite a few places that make a good sandwich, and have a toaster, but Open is more interesting that most because the menu is far more creative, and the food correspondingly more interesting. For example, last time we had the excellent pumpkin soup, which is better than what you get in most places. Service was also good, completely unlike how extremely slow it used to be, so I think I will be going back more often now, especially since all of the bagel places in town have gone downhill.

We went to Open in the evening once, which was good: an evening meal that we started off with soup, followed by fancy pasta dishes. Still, it remains more of a lunch cafe, which is what it is good at, rather than a place to go in the evening.

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