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Nostra, Van Oldebarneveldtstraat 127a, Rotterdam, tel. 4118232

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When I returned to Rotterdam after being inspired by lots of exploration in Madrid, I decided to try a new cafe. The Illy sign led me to this one, and the cosy wooden looks drew me inside. The interior is odd, with so much varnished wood that it is almost more yacht than cafe. Past the bar, the seating at the back is split level, which gives the upstairs tables a good position. This is all very nice, as is the service, but ultimately the style is too pretentious for my taste - the cafe equivalent of too much make-up, fake hair and lots of gold jewellery.

Unfortunately, the lunch menu does not save the place from the cheesiness of its presentation - the sandwiches are spectacularly unimaginative and the rest is hardly distinctive. I can only suppose that this place set out to be expensive, perhaps to appeal to a certain crowd, and then decorated with more money than taste or design talent. The menu, meanwhile, must have been an afterthought or something.

You might as well avoid this place, unless it is part of your social scene, and get better food at Open.

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