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Hotel New York, Koninginnenhoofd 1, Rotterdam, tel. 4390500

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Recommendation: go by boat, with visitors to Rotterdam, for lunch or dinner.

Good for: food, groups for lunch, borrel or dinner

Hotel New York is a large fish and seafood restaurant in the hotel on the quay where the liners for New York used to set sail. It's a big restaurant with a good atmosphere, and fairly classy decor. There are a lot of tables, so the busy nights are very busy.

The food was delicious and fairly upmarket, but the dishes are fairly simple. This is particularly appropriate for the high-quality seafood dishes. However, for the money you can get better food elsewhere in Rotterdam. This place is more about style than value, especially if you get there by water taxi.

Hotel New York is a good place to bring visitors from out of town, because it shows off Rotterdam and the Maas quite well, and is not the kind of place you can find everywhere. This is also a good place to go for drinks with a large group, since the bar area is pretty big, and serves slightly more interesting fish and seafood fried bar snacks than the average cafe.

Peculiarity: the bridge of a ship in the middle of the restaurant.

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