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Gamasot, Pannekoekstraat 103a, Rotterdam, tel. 2133048

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Recommendation: give it a try when you want a change from Dim Daily.

Although Gamasot has been here for some time, we did not try it until after we started going to Daily Wok, which encouraged us to try more Dim Daily alternatives. Gamasot is a Korean cafe, so the food is also a little alternative if you are only used to Chinese food, but recognisable. We really enjoyed the stir-fried rice dish with an egg on top and miso soup on the side. The new thing for us was the kimchi - a kind of spicy cold cabbage side-dish, which we gather comes in many varieties.

The food is great, overall, and the service excellent. The prices are more or less the same as at Dim Daily, so Gamasot loses out only by having a less comforatble atmosphere - like a harshly-lit snack bar. On balance, this place is definitely worth a try, and we shall go back, but probably only for a change when we have been to Dim Daily too much (if such a thing is possible).

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