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Dudok, Meent 88, Rotterdam, tel. 4333102

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Recommendation: have a drink at the bar and cake to take-away, but do not bother with dinner.

Dudok is a grand cafe in the sense that it is a single huge space. The busy atmosphere makes up for the relatively plain decor; the food is quite imaginative although the quality is fairly run of the mill. Anyway, the choice on the menu, the handy location and the likelihood of getting a table make it worth a visit.

On the down side, Dudok features the most spectacularly slow service imaginable. The waiters and waitresses seem to be highly trained in avoiding eye contact or any other interaction with customers. This is a problem unless you don't care at all how long it takes: at lunch time you can forget about being in and out for lunch within an hour, and in the evening it takes several hours for four people to have a two-course dinner.

The best way to experience Dudok and avoid the poor service is to sit at the bar and have drinks. There is usually space, the bar service is good, the atmosphere is relatively smoke-free and there is a fairly good selection of beers on tap.

Peculiarity: the sinks in the toilets have beer taps.

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