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De Kleine Ondeugd, Oostzeedijk 348, Rotterdam, tel. 2130718

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De Kleine Ondeugd is an interesting little Thai restaurant that has a fixed menu that features a different set of small dishes each time, all of which are good, some spicy, and some very spicy.

The restaurant is very small, so it is hard to get a table, and very hard if there are more than a few of you. If you do get a table, it's very cramped, so you can expect to have to compete for space with the diners at the next table. There is a terrace outside in the summer, which makes this easier.

Our last visit was spoiled by the miserable unattentive service. Dishes were unceremoniously dumped on the table with no eye contact or explanation of what the dishes were. The food also started badly: the pork saté was cold, which hardly improves saté sauce, and after that it took more than 45 minutes for the four of us to get our main courses. I could almost understand that for a huge group, or fancy à la carte dishes, but there is no excuse when you are serving the same four dishes to everyone in the restaurant.

The time before that, our visit was spoiled because they were not willing to accommodate someone in our group who does not eat meat. Even though the menu features seafood and vegetable dishes, the waiter refused to offer a meal without the meat dishes. In the end, we prefer restaurants that let us choose what we eat.

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