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Caffè Belmondo, Goudsesingel 52, Rotterdam, tel. 4110784‎

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Recommendation: lounge around with a few coffees, laptop optional.

Caffè Belmondo is an unusual find in Rotterdam - a big modern cafe, hidden away just outisde the centre on an otherwise uninspiring shopping street full of furniture shops. Caffè Belmondo is very similar to the average Caffe Nero in the UK, with a soft blue and dark brown wood theme, comfy seating, and a decent espresso macchiato. It has much more space than Coffee Company, but is perhaps correspondingly less cozy.

On our last Sunday visit, the place seemed almost deserted because it is so much bigger than most cafes in town, and because there were only about ten people there. You would think that there is free wi-fi, because eight of them had laptops.

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