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Boguette, Botersloot 60-A, Rotterdam, tel. 8417910

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Good for: non-vegetarian sandwiches

If you weren’t in the know, you might be confused by the idea of Vietnamese sandwiches in French bread, with bubble tea and milkshakes, but that’s the way cultural fusion works out sometimes.

Boguette is a fairly simple sandwich bar that’s interesting because the sandwiches are something different, and really good. The first sandwich on the menu has marinated roast pork, with mayonnaise, fresh carrot and cabbage (which becomes coleslaw) and some fresh chili. The two finishing touches that make it great are the fresh coriander and the extra minute back in the oven to make the fresh baguette even more crusty.

This isn’t really a place to hang around for long - there’s minimal seating and no toilet, but there’s just enough atmosphere to make this an option. A better bet is take-away, and finding a bench under the trees on Binnenrotte, nearby.

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