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Bazar, Witte de Withstraat 16, Rotterdam, tel. 2065151

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Recommendation: go in a group, but make sure you sit upstairs or outside.

Big and busy North African restaurant with an interesting menu and a lively, down-to-earth atmosphere. The food is pretty good, which it makes a change from getting a greasy take-away kebab. The first time I went there we were feeling lazy, so instead of studying the menu, we just ordered the lots-of-everything-for-two mixed grill, which was tasty and certainly filled us up.

These days I have three favourite dishes: El Cous cous - an excellent and huge cous cous dish with merguez sausage and veg, El Calamar - more seafood in a tomato sauce than you can shake a prawn at, and all-of-the-starters because they are all excellent - the most interesting choice if there are four or more of you. In any case, the hummus/humous is a must.

The biggest danger at Bazar, especially if you go with a group, is that you will end up on one of the dark tables at the back, or downstairs in the far worse dark and cramped basement, whose lack of ventilation is especially unbearable in the summer.

Peculiarity: the unusual collection of lamps over the stairwell.

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