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Angelo Betti, Schiekade 6a, Rotterdam, tel. 4658174

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Recommendation: pizza and wine for dinner, and take-away ice-cream when you are passing.

Angelo Betti is the best Italian pizza restaurant in town, by a margin even larger than the pizzas. This is a very Italian establishment, run by the same family for years it seems, where the staff do not so much take your order as perform. This, and the fact that it is always busy, creates a lively atmosphere. The decor is also modern and stylish, and thankfully spares us the tacky trappings of some stereotypical Italian restaurant.

The menu is almost exclusively pizza, plus the extensive selection of home-made ice cream, but you will need a large appetite to try both. After many visits of wanting dessert but being too full after the pizza, we had to give in and do an ice-cream only visit. Perhaps the ice-cream is a better bet for take-away, whenever you walk past.

Getting a table requires a bit of hanging around, because there is never one free. It is always going to be 'fifteen minutes', but since that is fifteen Italian minutes the best plan is to get a carafe of wine and stand or sit at the bar and watch the bustle while you wait.

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