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Extreme product development

Not yet mainstream, but already happening

Extreme programming won. What seemed extreme in 1999 went mainstream: user stories, solution spikes, pair programming, unit tests, and frequent incremental releases. Today, software development is shifting from projects to products, and from outputs to outcomes, and we’re discovering better ways to work.

Today’s extreme product development happens in a small but growing number of companies. This presentation will reveal how they have figured out how to truly work remote-first, with no offices, and support part-time and flexible working. Their development teams don’t make estimates, manage huge backlogs, or waste time in meetings. They even skip daily stand-ups. The resulting product development is less wasteful, and it is also more human.

Attendees will learn how these extreme product development practices all build on a foundation of psychological safety, and building trustful relationships. These relationships enable new collaboration techniques, such as team programming, but also support the other extreme practices. Attendees will broaden their perspective on software development, and discover new ways to progress in their team and in their career.





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