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Nascent ideas that haven't become web pages yet...

Size matters - it's got to be small

The Old Hall - a Landmark Trust property in Croscombe, England If you're short of space, travelling or just don't like clutter then you need small things. Ideally they should be shiny too. Small alternatives that I like include

Lava windows

Peter Lloyd speaking at his fortieth birthday in Croscombe, England The other day I was looking at the reflection of my lava lamp in the window of my lounge. The yellow blobs looked much better floating up and down the garden than they do imprisoned in their silver rocket thing, which is when I decided that I need Lava Windows.

Lava Windows would be like normal double-glazed windows, but with 'lava' between the sheets of glass; a big flat lava lamp if you like. It's a brilliant idea, of course, because sometimes every window view needs floating blobs.

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